Florida’s unhinged ‘truthers’ exacerbate Newtown’s grief

Tony Mead feels victimized. “I’ve been attacked online. My business has been attacked. My ex-wife has been contacted. Google my name, you’ll see blogs attacking me as a pedophile.”


Poor, befuddled Tony can’t understand why he has become the object of so much vitriol. After all, the Hollywood man told me, he’s only the administrator of the Sandy Hook Hoax Facebook page, where he hosts fantastic assertions about the Dec. 14, 2012, massacre of 26 school kids and teachers, where first responders and parents of the victims are characterized as cunning and mendacious “crisis actors” in a government-orchestrated hoax.


Mead seems shocked that others might stalk him with the same aggressive hostility that he and his followers employ against the grieving parents of massacred children.

The rest of us, meanwhile, wonder why the hell Florida has been stuck with the likes of Tony Mead.


Mead, who runs a Hollywood moving company, belongs to the Florida triumvirate who’ve become the nation’s leading promulgators of “false flag” theories about the Sandy Hook horror. Mead’s a supporter of James Tracy, the Florida Atlantic University professor who contends that the U.S. government was behind Sandy Hook, the Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the San Bernardino attack and more. Mass shootings, in Tracy’s warped universe, were theatrical events contrived to dupe American citizens into accepting gun control.


Florida’s third great propagator of Sandy Hook madness is Wolfgang Halbig of Lake County. Halbig led a gaggle of Sandy Hook “truthers” and trollers to a Newtown Board of Education meeting in 2014 to demand that local officials investigate their deranged imaginings. Halbig and Mead have intimated that they won’t stop harassing the Newtown parents unless their theories are disproved by exhuming the bodies of slaughtered children.


Halbig had been crowd-funding his so-called investigation until both GoFundMe and PayPal kicked him off their domains — for obvious reasons. Of course, hoaxers saw that as further evidence of a sinister conspiracy to stifle the truth.


The Florida Three and their disciples have been relentlessly tormenting Sandy Hook emergency responders and parents. They stalk them on the Internet. They threaten. They picket Newtown. In November, a truther disrupted the Vicki Soto 5K Memorial Run, organized to honor the heroic Sandy Hook teacher killed while trying to shield her students. Last month, Amazon intervened after trollers en masse posted nasty reviews of a book by a Sandy Hook mother about coping with loss.

Lenny Pozner

For three years running, these unhinged freaks have insinuated themselves into Newtown’s anguish, insisting that the funerals were fakes, that the grieving is counterfeit. After an op-ed last month in the Sun Sentinel by Lenny Pozner, father of the youngest child killed at Sandy Hook, describing the “wave of harassment, intimidation and criminal activity” from hoaxers in general, and Tracy in particular, FAU finally began the complex legal procedure to fire a tenured professor.


Maybe FAU can rid itself of this embarrassment. The rest of Florida, however, has no such recourse. We’ll still be tarnished by our truther triumvirate and their vile fabrications. Perhaps no one knows this better than Lenny Pozner, whose life was turned upside down when his son Noah became the youngest child slaughtered at the Sandy Hook Elementary School (SHES) on December 14, 2012.

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